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  • Looking to get my wheels refurb'd, original mazda ones so want to keep them instead of buying new. Will look for quotes soon but some websites talk about split rim, polished, two piece etc. Can anyone tell me what I have from these pictures? or is there anything I can do myself? Many thanks for any help.

  • Ayup dazse, Im no expert? but they look like aftermarket wheels to me? with added 'Mazda' centre cap badges? can I see 7JJ x 15" ? any names like 'Enkie' 'Atev'? . Unfortuately the pictured one with 'nut cover' on, seems to have suffered from 'salt rash' :( (I guess all others in simlr condition?) Imo I think they are a 'one piece' wheel, manufactured to ressemble a 'two piece' wheel by adding the '20 bolts' around the spoke gaps? If they were indeed 'two piece' wheels there would be a small gap between the machined outer rim and the spoked centre area where the two would be a machined fit and then actually bolted together?. A 'three piece' or 'split rim' usually consists of 3 components, two halves of the actual rim, one inner and one outer to create the wheel width, with a large 'O'ring or flat seal between them, the third and main component is the 'spoke hub' or 'wheel center' incorporating the bolt/stud holes, center bore and periferal bolts to sandwich the whole wheel together,( 'Three piece' wheels usually have small 8mm 'nyloc' nuts visible on the inside of the rim corresponding to each of the 20 or more bolt heads surrounding the wheel center). The main reason for 3 piece rims is that many, many offsets, insets and rim widths/bolt pattens/pcd's can be created to suit most vehicle requirements, V expensive and V V sexy with it! (I have some on my Lancia HF2000 stratos)
    Pretty sure your wheels could be brought back to near new by a wheel refurber? but would require extensive work to firstly clean/blast, fill (If deeply pitted), paint and machine finish/laquer outer rim, all taking time and MONEY maybe to the extent of exceeding the cost of NEW same/simlr wheels (with tyres!!!). Yr tyres will have to come off to refurb properly! (charge?) if they're about 'shot' ? would ya wanna put old tyres back on? confused .com? you are now Eh! The decision is yours dazse? hope Ive helped and not bored….zzzzzzzzzz x kev B.

  • cheers for the info! didn't notice the 7jjx15 but obvious now I see it, also noticed ROH which are the manufacturer (australian).

    They are original wheels as its an SE and I managed to get an original sales leaflet off ebay for the SE and these wheels are pictured, so I would like to keep them but as they are a bit rough cost may be a bit much.

    Now I have to confirm they are one piece, as you say the little bolts are probably for show but one has gone missing so they are real bolts.

  • Yes your correct.

    In 1993 they made a Special edition MX-3 that was white in colour, had those wheels and some had special grey half leather interior.

    Can't remember if it was 250 or 500 that were made.

    They don't look in too bad nick, at least it all looks cosmetic, i'd get some quotes and see what they are like.

    Be careful though, you do get some cowboys trying to do wheel refurbs!! always look at a few jobs they have done before you commit. Choose the right guys for the job not the cheapest.

  • Would kill (almost) for a set of them rims.

  • Sorry guys X especially you dazse for the 'duff' info on them not being original spec wheels??? eeek ! I did mention I WASN'T an expert? :oops: I appologise if I have missled you all in any way, that was not my intention at all :? I must bow my head in shame to those with greater knowledge and do some swating up on spec levels and overseas specced cars? In the meantime I hope that member dazse, whatever decision he makes in regard to his 'wheels'? he is rewarded in every way with his finnancial outlay with a sweeeeet set of rare 'aussie' rims x and as member Lori Carlyle correctly says approach refurbers on rep rather than low cost. Off to lick my wounds and swing on my 32mm front hub nuts with my recently purchased 39" 3/4 breaker bar! x kev b

  • Heya, I had mine done in powder coat and they can do chrome powder coating now so the could look like new again, near me for 15" wheels is £40 a wheel at A1 powder coatings in southampton :bigok:

  • Thanks for all the replies. Oxford seems to be quite expensive (approx £100 each) so will look further afield even if it means sending them.

    If I bought a cheap set of wheels to put on the car while these are away, does any one know what size I need look for? I know the mx3 is 4x100 pcd 54.1 bore and (i think) 38 offset. How critical are these measurements? as I have seen 56.1 bore for example and 45 offset, are these close enough???

  • those are pretty lol

    If you want to be cheap wet sand them and repaint the centers thats what i did…. but after your done i would recommend getting them professionally clear coated :bigok: :bigok:

  • nice job, bet that took ages.

  • They are stunning kulluminati777 X I Guess they dont 'salt the roads'
    in winter in sunny CA ??? Unlike here when the rock salt they throw down is usually deeper than the snow that falls??? :rofl: want some sooooo! bad now Ive seen them ! hope yours turn out like em dazse? I really do fella X kev B

  • yeah it was about a week of sanding per wheel but i only sanded maybe an hour a day. So if you buckle down im sure you could get them done sooner.

    When i was in germany they were going to be my winter wheels but i changed my mind when i moved here to cali and made them 24/7 wheels. I bought a presso that was in the UK for 10 years and it was CRAZY rusted on the bottom so I understand what you guys deal with. German salt is just as bad. If you get them professionally clear coated after the wet sand I bet they will look good for a looong time. or just get a set of crusty black wheels for the winter


  • Thanks for the ideas, I have ordered some paints and will have a go on one to see how it goes. Like kulluminati777's wheels and have seen a How To Guide by jamesshack for wheel painting and would be happy to just get close to these examples.

  • Have done one so far, quite time consuming! but looks good from a distance….


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