Pulled code '10' and '13' ??? (but no birds!)

  • Back in the fold! Has any one ever pulled code '10'+'13'? No me neither until a week ago!!! Car has been faultless for a year or more since last hiccup :? This time it all went 'pearshape' after dist cap removal to remove 'white crust' from 'lead posts'. I dont use car very often (3 times a week at most?) so crust quite bad about 1mm thick at worst? anyway removed it then replaced cap, started as normal, switched off, went to bed! 5:20am following morn failed to start? flattened battery trying! twice! biked to work in a huff :oops: Following day pulled codes! Showed in this sequence….10 (yes 10)?..11(IAT)...11(IAT again?)...15(LH o2)...11(IAT yet again)...13(?)...14(barometric)...15(LH o2)... ran sequence again 3 times just to believe my eyes? :shock: Fortunately I have a '98' V6 scrapper at work so 'wombled' LH o2 sensor and VAF from that, I reset ecu ( Bat neg terminal off, brake for 30 secs) Then fitted bits? turned key, started as norm :D , turned off pulled codes again...... One long check flash (Diagnostic start)................. nothing! no codes :P cooooome on! one tentative test drive later, big smile! Questions:- Why no start? Code '10'+ '13' ? wtf ? How would clearing code '11' + '15' with LHo2 sensor and VAF, clear code'14' ? which is barometer in ecu? The reason for cap removal was juddering on overun/deccelerating, smell of unburnt fuel when warm? increased fuel consumption, quieter than normal exhaust note, with odd thump at idle. I assumed all to do with crappy, weak, low speed spark ? Soz for essay! but 'more' info is better than 'less' imo ? hope it helps others? :oops:


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