Cooling System Problem

  • After noticing a drop in the coolant level the other day I suspected a leak but haven't found anything apart from some drops under the coolant bottle. I put the coolant at the full level mark when cold and left it running until it got up to temperature. Once it did coolant started coming out of the pipe on the left of the cap, the one I'm guessing for overflows. So this explains where the coolant was going and the low level, but why was it overflowing? And the coolant was stone cold, as was the radiator. Shouldn't the coolant be hot when the engine is? Would this be the thermostat? Or the water pump? Or maybe a blockage in the cooling system somewhere? The car has never overheated and runs just over half way on the temperature gauge, so the engine does get up to temperature, just not the coolant. Any help gratefully received! Thanks

  • i think,maybe thermostat cars temperature sits little bit below of half and 1.6 was the same.

  • Hi fellas not posted in ages :o ? certainly the symptom sounds like stat (well and truly STUCK)! not opening and 'cold' water pump pressure, forcing coolant from bottle? think the stat should still allow flow through its valve tho? as I believe they have a bypass in case of malfunction of the 'waxstat' part that allows flow due to 'temperature'. The bypass or relief bit prevents 'blowing' hoses and rad should the waxstat fail? I believe the 'swirlpot' cap (The cap to the right of the rad that has a sticker saying do not remove cap!) also has a valve in it that allows fluid to be sucked back from the bottle by vaccum during cooling of the v6 (engine off), if the spring/seal in this has failed and the valve is permanently open perhaps this could overfill the bottle during warm up? I have removed this cap (COLD) on several occasions without probs? just brim the aperture with coolant, wrap a rag round neck and refit cap. Hope to be of help? kev


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