• Okay, i posted in the newbies section yesterday that I bought a new 3 and it had a bad idle. I started the car find this mornign and drove it about 50miles.

    I opened the bonnet a few hours later, gaffa taped around the concertina air house because it had some light cracks in the joins so thought I'd tape it just in case, went to start the car.. and nothing? Won't fire at all, just turns over and over..

    Any ideas please?

  • Well that cracked consertine needs replacing asap that will be your bad idle like you said.

    As for the battery i would start with the obvious:

    Are the battery terminals connected properly?
    The battery could be dead

    Does it turn over at all?

    Can you push/bump start it?

    Starter motor could have gone, try and start it with someones head in the bay see what happens.

  • Thanks for the reply.

    I found the problem(s).. A unseated ht lead and a bad negative terminal connection. Cleaned it up and its now starting first turn of the key! Also the idle problem has resolved, probably due to the ht lead but the air pipe still needs replacing as it definitatly has cracks in it though I'm not sure if they're all the way through yet.



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