My New MX-3!

  • Hi, I have just bought an MX-3 V6 and love it! I've noticed however that the temperature gauge sits a little over half way, and I checked the water today and it's dropped right down. Do you reckon the water pump could be responsible for these things? Any advice to a new MX-3 owner appreciated!

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    Top your expansion tank to the max line as you main gain an air lock from the pump gulping air. (FROM COLD) When warm it may sit higher in the tank.

    Your needle will always sit a little above half way, 10% difference I'd say from car to car. This is normal. If higher you may have overheating trouble.

  • hi and welcome, if the water level keeps dropping I would check for leaks

    check the waterpump by looking for water leaking out of the black case on the left end of the engine underneath while its running or just been running
    if its dripping there its a new cambelt and water pump time

    If its not, then theres a few other places to look, fill water up run engine up so its hot then turn off so the system is pressurised

    check the radiator at the front for any leaks

    Lean right over the engine ( careful its hot ) and there is 2 black hoses to the bulkhead, they have push on connectors and these can start to leak, to fix break the plastic connectors to remove off the metal pipes from the bulkhead and put hoses on with jubilee clips

    Check the right side of the engine between the dizzy and battery, if theres water there on the top of gearbox it will be the main supply pipe has rusted through under the inlet manifold in the V, rare but does happen if its only had water in it and not mixed with antifreeze for a long time

    otherwise check oil for white deposits or start engine cold with filler cap off and look for lots of bubbles from the filler cap that could be exhaust gases - dreaded head gasket :(

  • Thanks for the tips, I'll have a look tomorrow for any leaks. I can't see any leaks onto the ground when the car is running or just been running but guess they could be small leaks. Much appreciated.


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