New MX3 not purring anymore!

  • Hi, I have had an MX3 for just under a week and its great! But it was suggested to me to add some ZX1 oil supplement to prolong the engine and possibly add more MPG. I did this and now the lovely sound I had before has quietend quite a bit :( . Does anyone know if this will adversly effect my new toy or has the sound just returned to "normal" as the engine is running smoother and the sound I had before was from a worn engine??? Many thanks for any comments.

  • Think you need to be a bit more specific in terms of the 'sound'. Are you talking about exhaust note? Induction sound? You may be low on oil perhaps?

  • It originally sounded quite sporty with a good rumble from the exhaust. Now that has quietened. In actual fact as I have had the bonnet up I can here a bit of a whirring sound as I accelerate. I think I was hearing the change in sound and the whirring together and it didn't sound nice. Any idea what would cause the whirring as if this was corrected I think the nice engine sound would be the only bit heard. As you can tell I am a bit of a novice with engines, the web suggests the timing belt but it isn't the high pitch screech I've had in the past with a timing belt slipping. thanks.

  • By the way Cipher-032 is that an MX3 SE you have in your picture. I have the SE and think they are quite rare (white with special alloys and leather/suede interior) do you know much about the SE?

  • Yep your right. Whie 93 reg Mex's are SE's plus the other such as the Equipe (DJ Marco and Lori own these rare SE's). Mine is another SE but is a little worse for ware. Cherish the alloys as try are stupidly rare. You can't buy centre caps!

    Right my SE has a poorly water pump or PAS pump. So it tends to make a wizzing noise. You can check these bearings by jacking up the left front, remove the wheel. Remove the little service hatch. Loosen the tentioners and take note of the belts and how they are fed. Spin all the pullies etc and see if the make noise. If not it your problem may be else where.

    Hope this helps!

  • Thanks, also noticed the pitch of the wizzing changed when the steering wheel was turned so maybe PAS system, I will give this a go at the weekend.

  • does sound like power stering pump, mine whirred when i turned my wheel.

  • Changing your oil can't change your exhaust note.

    Changing your air filter can, you didn't change that did you?

    Stick on a K&N cone filter or something if you want a bit sportier exhaust note.

    Changing your oil could definitely quiet down noisy tappets / engine noise.

    Perhaps the whirring was always there and now the engine is quieter you can hear it more?

    You are confusing timing belt with 'auxilary' / 'fan' belt. They squeal when they slip, but if a timing belt slipped you'd know about it as your engine timing would be off and it would hardly run.

    Also if you are a 'novice with engines' as you say, I would not attempt what Cipher suggested, you could do serious damage if you do not know what you are doing. Best left alone if you are a novice, best to get someone who knows what they are doing to take a look with you.


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