Does the KLZE have a retarded mode?

  • My MR2 used to have one which we used to get around the emissions test on the MOT, it would stay retarded until the ECU was cleared.

    Anything like that on the KLZE?

  • not that I know off.

    They are not that bad on emissions though.

  • there isnt

    There is the Diagnostic mode but you have to "jump" stuff on the diagnostic box and im sure MOT has a visual inspection that checks stuff like that

    Just make sure your spark plugs and wires are in good order.

    The O2 sensors are functioning

    The catalytic convert is not damaged or too old and not doing its job

    The fuel filter is not old a gunked up

    The Timing is spot on

    you should pass MOT just fine…..

  • terraclean it before the MOT , it cleans all sensors and fuel systems and it may pass without the cat after that :mrgreen:

  • O2 sensors are the main cause of KL series engines failing emmissions.


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