• Hi All i recently purchased a 97 V6 MX3 and having brake issues my thoughts are now to a Master cylinder issue
    The main sympton is that the pedal has to be pushed nearly to the floor for braking and it is v poor i have replaced both rear calipers due to both seized new disks and pads too i still have to check manually unable to do so on my own Any thoughts and a part number for this particular vehicle master cylinder would be usefull it has 2 banjo fittings if this helps.

  • Has the system been bled? Fluid level right? I cant find any BMC's to buy online, so its a second hand one off ebay or phone the main dealer see how much they want!?

    Only ones I can find are for the 1600 DOHC and they are £200 odd quid…

  • it does sound like the fluid just needs doing again, should harden them up after that. Get them bled and see if it feels better

  • I have bled all 4 brake units and tested and they do work although i think the new ones on the rear do need bedding in. when the engine is off they do hareden up to i guess the master cylinder could be ok when i run the engine the pedal woves down a bit they do harden up but still feel a bit soft but the pedal is not on the floor. It may be me getting use to them but the braking action before was very poor. I will be driving 150 miles this afternoon hopefully that will bed them in a bit. The vehicle has ABS Brakes could there be a issue there?

  • could be the pads have glazed over and not sticking,


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