Parts Advice - What Back Box's are available for MX-3?

  • I am looking at fitting an aftermarket backbox although there seems to be slim pickings or little info online.

    What would you reccomend and how much work is involved in fitting it (welding etc)?

    Any info would be a great help.


  • there are a couple of direct fit ones on ebay, ie bolt on, no welding. another route to go down is to get one custom fitted. you choose the style and a welder will make it fit. check out powerflow for that type.

  • weve got 1 off a scooby on mx3 we've built…

    took abit of work and cut hangers off and re fitted them and added new piping lol..

    with back boxes u get what u pay, PECO ones blow baffles after a while..

  • Thanks for the info.

    Going for a Bolt on back box with a bit of welding to attach it to the pipe ( local garage doing the welding job monday for 25 quid!!!!)

    I have decided on a single wide outlet which should look good, well it looks good on Welly,s MX3 pic so im stealing your idea!!!!


  • join the club! My car came with a jap style stainless steel/carbon fibre 4", looks well and sounds sweet as. Then my middle exhaust fell off… Got a new one and it sounds awesome again. Get a pic up when you're done!

  • You can get a Remus backbox that goes straight on, but they are about £200. They turn up on German ebay.


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