Tricky One!

  • Ill try to explain this the best i can.
    The cars got its mot in a couple of weeks EEK!!!

    The previous owner has done the following…..

    The warning beeper that tells you your keys are still in the ignition seems to have been looped somehow with the interior light and the fog switch. So when u switch the interior light on, the light wont come on as they have somehow wired it to the fog switch and the warning alarm near the ignition barrel. So basically.....when you leave the keys in the ignition u can switch the interior light switch and the alarm stops and it also lights up the fog light on the dash. But as they have done that, when i switch the fog light on the fog light on the dash doesnt come on, although the fog lights work.
    I really want to try and rectify this bodge job. Has anyone else come across this before? If so..please help LOL :D :rimshot:

  • Take a look at the loom and see what extra wires have been added, that's a good place to start.

  • Lori, have you seen the wiring all wired out. plus mazda dont exactly make it easy to get to things.
    Plus im not good with car electrics

  • disconnect immediatey to the rear of the fog lights, I guess they have usedthat to power the other items, then check the fuses I think that warning beep and interior light are on same fuse


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