Basic mods for trackday use/oil service

  • Hi, planning on tracking my V6 MX3 I recently bought. It has a few subtle mods, 17 inch alloys but with budget tyres, stainless steel back box and lexus lights lol! The car did come with the 15 inch standard alloys without tyres in the boot as well.

    Anyway I am trying to sort out what mods are worth doing without spending a fortune (yet!!) on turbo kits/big brakes etc. Will the car handle better if I stick decent tyres on the 15s or worth changing the 17s tyres? Worth fitting an induction kit? Can I get a decat pipe for my exhaust?

    I would also like to service the car as does not seem to have been done for a while. What would be the best oil to use and whats the capacity?

    Sorry for all the questions :mrgreen:

  • I can answer the ones I know..

    You can decat it, but would (I think) need one for the MOT.
    Induction kits do kinda help, check out


    Both are on here and offer advice for our cars.

  • Hi Lori - thanks for the reply, just checked the websites so getting some kind of idea now! Anyone else on what size wheels are best?

  • Just buy my car instead! ;)

  • The lighter of the two wheels . Toyo proxes are good or Goodyear eagle f1 are even better ! Also lower it with strut brace front and rear.

  • Ado48, R888 would be a good start for tyres, then again I've never tracked beyond a drag strip! Those are at least road legal DOT approved for now. T1Rs and F1s are great street tyres if you're more about street than track.

    I would imagine your stock 15s will be lighter, less unsprung weight is a good thing. See what other people who track are running.

  • I would side with marco on the 15" but you might need to find some low profile or hard walled tyres to stop the car roll around corners.

    Also you can setup and cold air feed through your left fog light and for the air into the induction kit if you buy the fordprobstore one (below)

    also i have a lovely decatted exhaust that has a lifetime gurantee and only been used for 6 months before my head gasket went so car has no been scrapped, here is a couple of pics. Staight through, flange for AEM gauge, 2.5"

    stunning made by JPexhausts see pics below :)

    Send me a PM if more info needed on exhaust or offers, i would like £350 as it cost £600 and is real high quality just googles JPexhausts they are great :)

    Hope that helps.

  • Welcome along,
    a decent exhaust system with headers changed makes a massive difference to the standard system,
    Induction kit,
    I have a set of 16" rims for sale with tyres if interested or could PX for the 17"s you have :cheers:
    A set of lowering springs makes a massive difference to handling
    Rear strut brace (possibly have one of those for sale too lol)

    or the best way to shock people on the track is lower it and chuck in a ford probe / mazda 626 or MX6 2.5 V6 engine- jspec klze engine is 200bhp or a standard uk one is 175bhp , its a straight swap if you have the correct loom and makes a massive difference to acceleration etc and becomes the car it should have been

  • oh yeh i have 40mm GMAXX lowering springs on the struts with calipers attached which i will throw in for free if you want the exhaust and pay full price :)

    just send me a pm for more pics and details.

  • Hi thanks for the response so far, really like the idea of an engine transplant, at the moment I want to drive it and I know if I go down that route now it will be off the road for a while. Sounds like good exhaust, lowering, induction piping and looking at wheels for the mo is a good idea. The car has a front strut brace is this standard? No rear though. I took my MX3 to my friends earlier and he was pretty impressed with it but took the mick before getting in saying why did I buy some old nissan!!!!

    djmarco and barrywhite, il pm you both shortly.


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