Jap clubs + japfest and all of us in 2013

  • I have tried a few jap clubs as a member but got the same frosty reception because I dont own a civic, sx200, skyline or an mx5 that i want to show but i have stumbled onto my local cruise scene by accident and found a club that loves the MX-3 and things a little out of the ordinary, they dont do gangs of one particular car but like it a bit mixed up.
    I have joined up with them and will be doing a few car shows with them and now headlining the MX-3 on their stands with their 50+ car turn outs for fast show, national modified and a few later in the year.
    I will be putting on japfest again depending on turnout but if the numbers are abismal this year I will be selling off the rest of the spaces to other cars to keep it alive.
    I want to keep it 100% MX-3 but if you dont come out for once a year then I cannot justify punting my own money on 10 tickets and 10 spaces with the hope I can get rid of them
    i will be doing a lot more with the other group and promoting this site and our cars to the max as this place is too friendly not to keep going and the idea of a V6 4 seat coupe will take a few people and hopefully get more in but turn out from other members is another part we really need to boost.

    if you werent interested in cars, you wouldnt be on here.

    there will be some things happening around here and a lot of whispers soon as I am kind of at the end of my tether with some money owed to me here that I will just pay £100 and take it to court, member or not I am not losing lumps of money I have trusted people with here.
    Emails will be out again very soon :x

    I know its a bit quiet on here again but I am going to be injecting more money into the ZE again after christmas and will be doing the show circuit properly next year at a lot of events with some large uk-mx3 logos on the car, I hope we can all get together for japfest this year and will be requiring numbers very soon and hope to get us all together again

    Keith - djmarcopolo

  • Keep it up Keith. I certainly appreciate the effort you put in. I wish I could be over more but its a choice of a week in Spain VS a weekend at Japfest with summer boat costs. OH well, I'll be back!

  • I'm getting married… Sorry bud.

  • Not for me next year either, its an expense I would rather put into the car ;)
    Good work on the new club find though, I have been to that exzact car park lots recently and tbh sick of that big orange building and DIY,lol

  • Japfest 2011 I signed up but distributer blew 24hrs before event :(
    Japfest 2012 couldnt come as mazda was in bits.
    Well its still in bits but its progressing slowly!.
    Hope to be there for 2013 and spank some high powered cars on the track.
    Although its massive facebook battering last year has put me off, but hopefully event people will either book a larger venue or have some sort of plan in place , who knows.


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