Big Brake kits…....

  • On my NEVER ending pursuit for rare parts and performance and realizing the after market boat has sailed YEARS ago I stumbled on a company named CEIKA. Ever heard of them? What you havent? Yeah me neither. ANYWAY. I was browsing there site and seen they will build small 6 pot or normal 4 pot big brakes that fit FIFTEEN yes u heard 15´´ rims for only $890….

    So those with mazdaspeed wheels and stockers no longer have to do the CRAZY yet simple LAME 2 pot upgrade with the 323 spindles and probe spindles and all this crazy jazz. The good news is they can make the brakes bigger for those with bigger rims but im sure these will be all you need. They come in ANY color and the look gorgeous. So no need for brembo caliper covers :D

    I have talked to the company and asked if they would do a group buy with enough people making the 890 dollar price tag less and them being a new and un heard of company said HELL YEAH.

    Im buying mine next month regardless but i just want to see if anyone wants to start a group buy so they are cheaper for everyone. Spread the word tell your mom, dad, uncles, cousins about this so we can get the largest group buy this forum has seen in decades!!!!!

    P.S. Here is the product ~~~~~~

  • Sounds exciting! Have they seen the geometry of the standard mx3 spindle though?

  • :bigok: Every one will know for sure becuase it is looking like ill be buying a set after the holidays to review and test and the laguna secca


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