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  • Hi all,

    I'm sorry to announce that I have bought another car and will be selling the MX3 (ad going on soon). I have bought a Mitsubishi Carisma 1.6


    Paid £950 for Mitzi and it is a very tidy car. I dont really know what to say, my Dad offered to buy me a new car out of his retirement money and me having a nipper it has become a bit impractical with the '3'.

    I would like to thank you all for welcoming me to the group and have enjoyed every minute (well 2 years) of MX3 ownership.

  • Farewell bro! Seems like everybody is getting rid of their Mx-3 =/

  • trader lol

    i have a nipper and he better fit his but in the back and has so far with no issues :rofl:

  • For a quick sale I will accept £200

  • GLWS mate, sad to see another member leave though!

    Missus and I have already agreed when we have kids I will be keeping the '3 as the fun car and she will getting a boring audi or something, which I will no doubt want to VIP it out on airbags :P

  • I dont see the problem with kids and MX-3s, they have 4 seats and a boot big enough to get a push chair into, you may have to bend down a little further to get into an mx3 but think about t when you child starts school, not may other parents have a sports car :respect:

    Good luck, as sam said sorry to lose another long term member

  • Sorry chaps, you are not best pleased with me I know.

    It really was an offer I couldnt refuse. My Dad has recently retired and has (lucky sod) came into a bit of money so has split the funds 3 ways between me and my siblings and the resulting fund he wanted me to buy a newer, more spacious car with it (nothing else). So after looking at the 3 for a few days out of the window, sadly I decided to take on his offer. The new car addresses all the issues that I had with the 3 on a day to day basis. Its just that bit more comfortable, quieter and main thing it seems to be a fair bit cheaper to run. I'm seeing 39-40MPG on the display (if its accurate), a pipe dream for the 3, where the same usage would only hit 32ish on a good day.

    It's not that space was a problem. The 3 was fine for space inside and although the boot was spacious for its class, getting the fold down frame and pram in together was more tricky but doable. I've not regretted getting a 3 at all, I love the car and and will miss the V6 sound and smoothness and the fact that it was that bit different.

    Last thing was, in the time that I owned the 3, the only major thing that I did mechanically was change the cam belt. Everything else worked fine and didn't let me down but can only assume luck will run out and all the other things would need doing in due course (clutch, wheel bearings, cambelt again)

    I've gained a lot of tips and pleasure from being a member. I'll try and pop back in now and again as I'm keeping the 3 but only parked on drive. I'm looking to re assess in the summer, I've got the space for it and it owes me nothing.


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