Where is everyone these days?

  • Place looks a little dead….

  • I've just started a new uni course so I've been flat out with that really! I'm a poor broke student again so not much to report. I might pick myself up a 1.5 if one pops up to save money. I was looking at LPGing the ZE black car but the rust is getting pretty heavy on that shell. Can't face buying a diesel!

  • im still lurking about pretty much on a daily basis but due to recent internet problems i'm a little slow in what i do online.
    I thought the same thing marco, but was tempted to buy a 5 cylinder alfa 156 and remapping it. should get close to 200bhp outta it but the JTD's tend to hold their money over the petrols

  • I'mstill on daily but not much to post about. Not planning on doing much with the Presso, just keep her in good health is the extent of it. Any money will be going into the 7 over the next while.

  • Also almost a daily viewer… not much to talk about, reseaching about rebuild

  • I'm around, busy with either work or doing my flat up ATM


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