How do I - do a Battery Relocation?

  • I was wondering if anyone has re located their battery. The battery just wont fit up front and I am going to have to get fixed down in the back.

    At the moment it is wedged behind the front passenger seat (car is not used on) :lol: . But, I want to get the car on the road and need it to be MOT friendly.

    Has anyone got any idea's? :roll:


  • as far as i know and recall from a mates car. you can do one of two things.

    1 add an extra battery to be used for ice only. this is carried out by using an heavy duty cable and running it thru the car as you would with an amp set up and again earthing the new battery..

    if you just want to remove the main battery and add another one. then just remove the + and - cables. attach new ones and run them to the location the new battery is going to be placed. following that you can then build a steal or MDF base and locking plate to support the new one in the boot..

    please correct me if i am wrong on this point people…

    when i have time i will dig out my max ice book and write up the excat stages for an ice battery for everyone on here if that is any help!!

  • Thanks for your help.

    I have managed to get some cable and connect to the battery while it is setting behind the passenger seat (should have plenty to get to the boot area). I have notice that the battery needs to be fully charged to get the car to start.

    What I am really after is an idea for the steal base plate to support it in the boot.

    Will look further on the internet, if I find anything I'll post it up.

  • Rally cars all re-locate the battery, so try looking for info there.

  • easy!!!

    piece of piss!!!

    find wire extend them!! jobs a good one!

  • A nice idea, would not think that little thing had the power to start the car :roll: , bit i guess it must.

    Thanks for posting :D


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