Rear disks and pads replacement, help required

  • hey there gents (and the odd lady that appears every now and then). I am in dire need of some new pads and disks on the rear of my vehicle and have found some at a very reasonable price ( ).
    however, if i purchase these i have absolutely no idea what i am doing when it comes to brakes so i was wondering if someone could put up a "how to" with all the tools required to do such a job. they need doing rather desperately as the grinding is starting to worry me more than usual and the fact the left rear disk has a crack that is almost to the center of the disk now and i can feel it through the pedal. its safe to say the car will not be driven until this is fixed as it has now become a danger on the roads and scares the shit out of me while i'm driving it haha

  • Heya dan, they are very easy to do you will need

    copper grease
    socket set ( hexagonal sockets not multi splines as multi splines will probably round the head off)
    Brake caliper winding kit

    they are very easy to do
    Block the car and leave the handbrake off
    take the wheel off then look at the inside of the caliper and you will see a bolt

    One has the brake hose going to it - DONT TOUCH THAT ONE AT ALL

    Undo the other bolt and the caliper will slide up over the disc and then slide off completely.
    the disc is held in with the wheel nuts and this will slide straight off and then replace with new

    get the brake winding kit and wind the piston back into the caliper as far as it will go

    TAKE SOME PICS ON YA PHONE OF THE PADS AND SPINGS ETC so you know how to put back together

    the brake pads just slide into a groove on the caliper so knock the old ones out then cover the sliders with copper grease and also paint the REAR ONLY of the pad with grease and push back into the sliders the same way they came out

    then cover the slider the caliper was on with copper grease and push back onto the slider, push the caliper with pads back over the new discs grease the bolt up and tighten back up

    pump the brakes a few times and they should be in

    JOB DONE !!

  • thanks, much appreciated as always Keith :)

  • disks and pads purchased. hopeful to have these done before the weekend


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