Rad's and fans.

  • Anyone know any good sites for uprated rads and rad fans at all for the KLZE cooling?


    While the engine is out, what bushes's should I change\replace ect ect,

  • The only place I have seen aluminium rads. are ebay and on US sites.
    For an uprated larger fan look at http://www.pacet.co.uk/

  • Lori, None of the guys who have put KLDE or KLZE motors in their BA323F's have had to change radiators, and are still running the standard radiators. I am fitting an oil cooler which will give additional cooling to the motor. I would think that you will find that your car should be ok with the standard radiator, and if I am correct you are also fitting an oil cooler, so you ought to well ok.

    If you want to compare the BA radiator to yours here are the outside dimentions to my radiator, may give you an idea, of where you stand, but would imagine they are going to be much the same.

    BA radiator 780mm wide, x 380mm high x 30mm thick,

    Hopefully that will help a bit.

  • Hey, I havent changed the fan or the radiator, just make sure its flushed clean and it should easily be efficicent enough. I did add some addititve that was supose to run things cooler, cant remember the name.
    Ive also added a oil cooler but with a thermostatic sandwich plate, makes a massive difference and its amazing how hot the cooler gets. The cooler was a 2nd hand mocal ebay part, and the pipes and sandwich plate came from demon tweeks, barry did have one in his part out if its still there ?
    I would fully recommend changing the bushes, i have mazdaspeed bushes from U.S however they are pretty much unavailable now corksport has reduced its mx3 range. I would therefore go for same as marcos. ( see his project page ). Theres are quite well priced also.
    I didnt change any suspension bushes however probestore do, do an uprated versions which are on my to buy list at some point !.

  • Garfy, What do you think of these?

    & what drop links were you thinking of? might as well do it all while the front end is stripped.

  • Lori, save yourself a ton of cash and take all the mounts out the fill them with SIKAFLEX does the same job for about a tenner, did all mine and they are still spot on like that and sikaflex hardens to almost the same strength. would take about a week to go off the spend the money you were going to spend on other parts :bigok:

  • Already got some bud :) & am tempted to go down that route but was looking for ways of making the bay more shiny and new looking.

    I've got some corksport 1.6 mounts here.. would they work?

    This is the part of the work where I'm in "I don't have a fracking clue" area. :(


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