K8 Air induction

  • After my success with the radio I have decided to tackle the engine next. Im a fan of old fashioned tuning and intend to start with the induction system. I've found a double intake for sale on here (barrywhite) but have a question. On the car at the mo there are two pipes coming off the factory fitment. One near the airbox and the other is smaller near the manifold. What are these and do I need to keep them?

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    I had a HKS Mushroom filter on the shelf so decided to stick it on the car and I noticed there is a pipe which goes to the stock airbox. Should this just be tucked out of the way? (also what is it actually for?)

    I was quite surprised that there is not much induction noise at all (and only above 3krpm.) I assume this is because I still have the plastic resinator near the manifold instead of the second smaller?

  • Sorry i meant to say i cannot find that double intake filter but to be honest i think the rocspeed one is best pictured below ….

    The double filter was taking to much hot air in and reducing th performance IMO.

    take out the front left fog and turn it into a cold air feed, remove all other platics that may reduce the airflow to the filter :)

  • Ah ok, so there are 2 factory pipes missing on the kits then.

    The small one that goes into the airbox (assume leave open)
    The larger one by the throttle body which feeds back (somewhere???) to the engine - What have you done with this one?

  • the small one is the breather the other im not sure… been such a lonfg time, here is a closer pic

  • Nice one, thanks :cheers:


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