K8 Air induction

  • After my success with the radio I have decided to tackle the engine next. Im a fan of old fashioned tuning and intend to start with the induction system. I've found a double intake for sale on here (barrywhite) but have a question. On the car at the mo there are two pipes coming off the factory fitment. One near the airbox and the other is smaller near the manifold. What are these and do I need to keep them?

  • They are more like breather hoses for the crankcase etc, you do need to keep them so the new air pipe that comes with an induction kit should have them on or you will need to get creative and fit them your self.

    You can now buy air pipe take offs that will attach and seal into a piece of silicon hose, so just match it all up to correct size hoses and recreate what was there before using take-of'sf and aluminum/silicon elbows.

  • This may sound simple but as the smaller hose (red circle in the pic) near the TB is attached to the air intake, it either breathes air out or sucks it in. So if I were to attach a tiny breather filter to the end of the factory pipe would that do the same job? I'm not sure about the large one though (blue).

  • the blue one is just a resonator pipe. i have removed mine and plugged the hole. however, under the resonator pipe is a small breather hose, all i did to keep it out the way was punctured a small hole in the bottom of the air filter and put the hose inside there. do not worry about removing the resonator pipe, makes a more meaty sound without it on anyway. just make sure you have a large bung or something else to plug up the hole otherwise the car will run like a sack of poo. unless you are planning on replacing the entire intake pipe, in which case ignore what i just said ;)


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