• Hi anyone? me againX :D as mentioned in my newbie post (5 11 12) i think i have OS outer CV joint on its way out? What kind of job to change? I was fortunate to be born with spanners in my hands so will do job myself! main Qs are: Do I need a scaffold pole to undo hub nut :o ? how is inner splined end of shaft located/released from diff pinion? (circlip inside?) Do i have to drain diff/gbox oil before removal or just wear oil proof overalls :shock: ?.

    Joint only noisy when cold and mot not while march! its not 'flappin' yet just tunk tunk tunk! on slow, tight, left turns when weight shifts to OS? so not desperate for help yet just spoils an otherwise enjoyable drivin experience :(

  • This get's asked alot bruv hit up the search all the info should be there.

    maybe the site would benefit from a FAQ's section?

  • Thanx for that fella X unfort bit confused with some of posts? are either of hub nuts 'left' handed thread? I assume 'rubber joint boots' have to come off in order for joint/shaft separation? no one mentioned boots? could do wi exploded drawing really of assembly? help appreciated X :oops:


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