ABS problem 92 V6

  • Hi!

    I got some problems with the ABS on my 1992 MX3 V6. The ABS won´t work and theres a light lit on the dash that looks like a car skidding on the road. I guess that´s the ABS light.

    I tried checking the error codes for the ABS and got 11 and 12. That´s supposed to be front right and left ABS sensors. So I removed them both and cleaned them. Left side had lots of metal chips stuck to it from a completely worn down break pad. Right side just had some dirt on it. It didn´t help both the light and the error codes are still there.

    All this started after I changed the break pads and discs front and rear and the CV joints. I checked the CV joints I bought and they have 44 teeth on the "ABS wheel" sorry I don´t know the word :D. The old ones have 44 teeth to.

    I find it not very likely that both sensors got broken at the same time. I read somewhere that you can messure the resistance in the sensors with a multimeter but I cant find the connector for the sensor since it goes into the enginebay somewhere. Does anyone know where the connectors are where I can messure?

    Sorry about my bad english I´m from sweden :)


  • bridge TBS & GND in the diag box, turn the ignition on and press the brake pedal 10 times in 10 seconds that should clear the codes, then see if they re appear


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