Probe gearbox Q

  • Hey all ,
    I've got hold of a recently reconed klde from a probe and was going to fit the gearbox aswell .
    I was just wondering if the mx drive shaft will fit this box or would i need probe shafts ?

    Many thanks

  • I have no Idea about the splines, but I may be interested in the gearbox for a 5th gear conversion? if you have to change it.


  • Think your be fine.

  • Ok ,
    Thanks guy's .
    Only one way to be sure …..

    I'll post up how i get on when it comes to it :mrgreen:

  • Question for you: why switch? The Probe and MX-3 gearboxes are identical, same final drive, same ratios throughout. The 5th gear from an FS (4 cyl)engine MX-6 or 626 will do more good, or a V6 MX-6 trans with 4.11 final drive.

    Probe, MX-6, 626, MX-3 jackshaft for manual transmission are all the same length and spline count, as are the axles. My MX-3 GS has an MX-6 jackshaft. The brackets may vary by year, but my two-bolt bracket bolted up to my three-bolt Milly engine without a hitch. The block came tapped for both configurations..


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