Twin loop exhaust

  • Has anyone ever fitted one of these? Seems a good idea with a nice noise but not loud or flashy.

  • I had a OBX twin loop muffler and it was GARBAGE!!! Stay clear! there isnt too many good mufflers out there that dont make the car crazy loud. If you could get your hands on the mazdaspeed back box i recommend it. It has a nice deep tone to it. Dont be fooled by phony back boxes the ONLY one says maydaspeed on the side of the tip in HUGE letters. I currently have one on my MX3 and LOVE it i had a Presso with one as well. It was crazy RUSTY underneth but the MS back box was still pretty good.

  • Tbf OBX stuff is not well known for its great quality. The twin loop one sounds like a great idea in theory and if your bought a quality stainless one with not to huge inlet outlet with plenty of good packing materiel it should'nt be too loud. Have a look at midland exhaust website they do some nice kit.


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