Help / advice, ignition barrel swap - immobiliser key code.

  • Hello,

    I have just bought another MX3 v6 identical to my original one.

    to make the best car from the two would require swapping the doors, tailgate and steering wheel.

    would it be easier to swap the whole steering coulumn, including ignition barrel etc.

    The original car has two good keys. the new one has one almost broken key, it would be cheaper for me to use the original keys in the new car.

    My question is, does the steering column sensor recognise the key chip, or is it just a sensor and a remote unit within the car stores the code?

    Or, can keys be re programmed once they have already been coded?

    Any advice would be appreciated.



  • I'm sure you will have to swap over the ecu as well mate

  • easy way is to find a used car and get a matching set of used locks and fit those and the part for the immobiliser is built into the key, you can lift that small panel, get a key cut and then move the snsor in the key to the new set

    the immobiliser is part of the ECU so it get complicated then

    if you want to swap the locks they are on held in with circlips and they all pop out easily so swap the doors etc and just put the old locks back in :bigok:

  • I know someone who can unlock ECU's if that's any help in the future, not sure if he still does itthough , think it was about £60 to do it, which is very good price as I've paid £150 to have one done before.

  • Thanks for the good advice as always :bigok:

    Plan A was to use the new car and transfer the much better doors, tailgate and steering wheel / column and use the keys from my old one.

    I might go to plan B and just rob the best bits off the new one (exhaust, battery, tyres etc) and get the original one back on the road.

    Which ever way I go I will post it on here.

    I will know more on the weekend when I get to have a good look under them both.


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