Trevs new toy!

  • My MX3 has sat almost un touched for nearly 6 months. only cash, time, an ABS fault, foglight bulb and a bit more welding (10 mm missed off one of the plates on the sill by the last owner) was stopping me from getting back on the road.

    So I got thinking, I can get £150 for scrap but I couldnt do that…

    So to save me a bit of work I bought another identical one with 2 months MOT and tax....

    hope the link works.. if not it's Item number 261117318892

    I will then get the best chassis and transplant the best parts over to make one decent car. I will then scrap whats left over.

    Hope to pick it up tomorrow and get a break from cycing!!lots more work to do now though!

  • The new one has almost perfect original arches and the shell is quite straight. usual paint issues with fade and some laquer peel here and there.

    The doors, bonnet and hatch and front wings are not great.

    worst thing is there is a lot of play in the front suspension / steering. haven't got under it yet (stuck at home with ill kids…)

    Looks like I'll use this one for donor parts (exhaust and cat, battery, back tyres which are all good) then I'll scrap it and drive the other one again.


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