Clutch issues on K8

  • ok any help would be appreciated on this. I drove home last night from seeing friends and all was well and good (albeit a bit wet) got back, parked and left the car over night. Went out this morning to start the car up and now i can not select any gears, i al guessing the clutch has gone. i had a friend come out and said the actuator is engaging while the clutch is pressed in but i am unable to select any gears.
    i cant see how it is possible for a clutch to go overnight while the car is off! The pedal feels exactly the same as it did yesterday but there is no pitch change in idle when clutch is pressed meaning it is not engaging. fluids are all fine etc etc

  • Mines done the same thing after the flood, I don't think it's the entire clutch that's gone, just water in something or something else.

  • is it going to be a gearbox off jobby then :/

  • just had a quick look at the slave and master cylinders and they both seem to be fine. no leaks from either of them. would it be possible that the slave has gone without showing signs of leaking?

  • whats your pedal like? and check the flexi hose

  • pedal seems fine to be totally honest which indicates its not the master cylinder, hoses are all fine and fluid level is fine too. its a puzzler to me. there is no nasty noises while idling, it just will not select any gears while the engine is running

  • managed to get it running ish. basically rammed it into gear (bloody hard work with a syncro!) with the clutch in and foot on the brake. took it for a run, parked it up again and it seemd to seize almost instantaneously. it seems water has got into the bell housing and seized the clutch plate to the trust bearing or something along those lines. i am hoping it will free itself after a few hours with the clutch pressed in which i have left it doing now. does sound like the thrust bearing is seized to shit though. i'd recognise that noise anywhere!
    i'll keep you posted.


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