CV joint clicking - passenger side sharp turning right

  • Hi, my V6 has started to click its passenger side CV joint when setting off sharply turning right on fullish lock. It will need changing as I dont want to think what could happen if the joint collapses at speed.

    So I've priced the joint up at £35ish (assuming its the outer one) but is it a bitch to change for a DIY job?

  • snap!!!!!!!!!!
    having mine done next week. mechanic said about 1 hours work per side

  • ah ok, you will have to let me know how it goes and how it feels after.

  • It's a pretty easy job to do, I done both of mine in a couple of hours and the only hard bit was getting the hub nuts off, big breaker bar is needed for that. Changing the c.v joint itself can be fiddly

  • my mech is only charging me 40 nikka a side..aint worth the hassle and scuffs, blood loss, headaches, do it myself

  • I've decided to get this done by a trained mechanic. Does anyone see issue with leaving this until after Xmas, will it hold another 2-3000 miles in your opinion?

  • I drove an entire YEAR with my CV axles clicking. Just dont do any burnouts or spirited driving and you should be just fine

  • lol! no at nearly £1.40 per litre there will be no spirited driving.

  • i know wow i was just in london 2 weeks ago picking up a Eunos Presso and i was amazed at the pound to dollar conversion then on top of that the gas…in dollars i was paying like 8/9 bucks for a gallon and on a bad horrible day you would pay 5 bucks a gallon in america

  • Just thought I would put a closing update as so many OP posts go unanswered.

    CV joint being checked over Thursday so will know if it is indeed the CV joint or something else

  • sounds like typical CV joint to me bud, mines been doing it since i got the car and i have no plans on replacing those just yet due to the extortionate prices of the outer CV joints on these. 6 months later and still going strong :)

  • For the price of an outer (£80?!)+labour you could probably get a whole remanufactured shaft from somewhere like GKN, ok there's usually a surcharge but you would get that back once you return your old shaft


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