Coolant pipe rings

  • Hi guys,

    I am looking for a set with new rings for the pipes/tubes of my coolant system.
    There are some rubber rings sealing several parts.

    Who knows what it is named? And where to get it?

  • Have you looked for them in the two stickied topics in the general section with part numbers and exploded diagrams?

    They sound like 'O' ring seals though? , cant say I have even seen them though on my coolant system.

  • Yes, those O-rings is what I need.

    The general part with the links doesn't work anymore.

    Look closer to your cooling system and you'll see what I'm talking about.

  • Is it the metal pipe that runs between the cylinder banks to the thermostat ?

    If it is replace the whole pipe, they rust out on the welds over time, the only others I know of are at the rear into the heater matrix but if the plastic joints are leaking break them off and use hose clips straight onto the pipes or the o ring onto the thermostat housing but buy a new thermostat and the ring comes free :cheers:


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