The az3 saga

  • What a day!!

    Task for today was my headlights on the AZ-3. LOL LOL LOL!!! now give me my Ford Capri anyday, so easy to take bumper n lights out! Well what a palarva it is to do on the mazda…urghhhhhh!!!
    Bit of history about my az3..
    YES..i was well n truly ripped off by this guy, I know i shouldnt of brought her but it was love at 1st sight (the seller werent bad either :P) Anyway, Im now on the long road of doing her up (parts are a bugger to find). So im sorry for all the questions I keep asking, but i really do and will appreciate all of your help. What makes it more diffucult for me is im not great with mechanics (although i have done the temp switch, changed the radiator, serviced, oil change). And before i resort to asking a question on here, i always check on google to try n find out the fixings...nightmare to find, so next step will be to send said fixings off so they can be matched.

  • Don't worry about the questions bud, that's one of the reasons this forum exists.

    & all of us will agree with the love and first sight stance.

  • If you are changing headlights because they are milky as the AZ-3 were plastic try T-Cutting first

    Ask away with the questions 99% get replied to :bigok:

  • Thanks for the tip marco, Ill give that a try tommoz as yes, they have gone milky.
    I have recently had both front flexi brake pipes done and now the rear shocks and 2 new rear tyres. Next thing to get done off the list is..Cv Joint and Boot, respray bonnet, fit rear washer bottle and motor (if anyone has a spare please could you inbox me with a price, ty), Then Im going to reupholster all the interior myself! Gulp!
    Then for peace of mind, I will be having the cam belt and water pump changed, might even find out about having the head polished n ported :D
    Pics to follow….

  • I had a look at all the original service book etc from Japan tonight..turns out my car is a Eunos Presso…is this good?


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