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  • Alot has happened to me over the past three or so years, and I could never really anticipate, the troubles that lie ahead. Here's my story.

    I first got into MX-3's when I found this, Eunos Mazda MX-3 1.6i Japenese Import. Really low mileage, with only 35K on the clock, no rust, every service and immaculate original paint, in a backstreet family owned garage.

    This car unfortunately was involved in an accident and was written-off. This was because of some idiot lady didn't look where she was going :( I don't want to show you guys what the damage was like, it might upset some of you, and myself in the process.

    I then bought a very cheap little red MX-3 1.8 V6 to "replace that one". It needed alot of love and care to bring it up into shape. I managed to get the "pink" paint back to the original red. Had to re-spray the front bumper and mirrors as they could not be taken back to the original colour as they are plastic.
    This car ended up on the hard shoulder as the cam belt snapped on me, blowing all the valves apart :( Even after a "Full Service" a couple of months before this happened. The cam belt must of been ignored by one of the workshop monkeys. Never going there again!

    Now which leads me onto my latest MX-3, the rude black one ;) Which I'm currently working on to get ready for the track next year. I hope I can enjoy her for longer…

    to be continued…

  • very nice man, i would hate if some retard hit me on the road and ruined my car. welcome bro :cheers:

  • Loving all 3 of them, id also be pissed if I lossed my mx although Id probably be like yourself and get another.
    What wheels are you using ? liking them alot!.
    Whats you plans to get it track ready?

  • All those 3s look great! Pity about the first couple :( The import you had has an Autozam badge, so was probably an Autozam AZ-3 rather than a Eunos Presso - unless you put the badge on? If you managed to keep that badge, I know there are a few guys on here that would like to buy it off you!

    Hopefully your latest one works out a bit better for you. You probably couldn't have picked a better time to build a track car with the parts jay, myself, kull and Marco are trying to shift. If money was no object, you could be good to go by the end of October!

    Ditto what garfy said, whats the plan for getting this track ready?

    And again to echo garfy, those black rims look fantastic on there. Good choice!

  • Cool stories bro! :cheers:

    I like what you've done with the front indicators, blacking out the turn signal. Have you thought about blacking out the inside of the headlights?

  • Thanks guys :cheers:

    The wheels are made by Kei Racing, bought them to go on the red MX originally. They look pretty slick, looked around loads for a nice set that I liked.

    In reply to Garfy and Jayo about getting my car ready for the track, I've already got some slick tyres on a set of stock MX wheels, yet to be sprayed up.
    I want to get some coilovers, been in talks with jay about his, he has for sale, so hopefully picking those up soon. I'm also rather partial to his front and rear strut braces he has too.
    Thinking of doing some engine modifications but nothing crazy; 10mm HT leads, Denso spark plugs, cold air intake, full exhaust system. Possibily thinking of getting new intake manifold too, depending on cost.
    Then I guess, a slightly stripped out interior to make her a bit lighter… depends on how much time/money I have, and can get done between now and next year.

    On the first MX Jayo, the registration docs had Eunos MX-3 on there. There was no rear badges just the Autozam badge on the front. Not sure lol It basically had the MX-5 1.6 ltr engine in that one, really nippy. Had an amazing sound to it! Miss that car the most! I don't have the badge, sorry bro :(

    Mooneggs, I have thought about getting the inside headlights sprayed black, but a bit wary about how to do it. I don't want to screw them up as they are my only pair. I've read a few guides, and they make it sound so easy, so may give it a try this weekend. I much prefer the original lights rather than the aftermarket "Halo" ones. Looks a bit naf if you ask me lol!

    I'm open to suggestions on what you think I should get for this to be ready for the track? It's going to be just a bit of fun for me, and a learning curve at the same time.

    Thanks guys :)

  • You can do the headlights, just take your time and don't rush anything. Here is the guide I made:

    As far as running it at the track, some of the upgrades you could do are:

    KLZE :)
    Upgraded suspension bushings
    Upgraded brake pads
    Whiteline rear swaybar
    Front/rear strutbars
    Race tires

  • Thanks for the guide I will have a bash at it this weekend :)

    That is not a bad shout there bud. Would love to get a KLZE dropped in at some point it would be rude not too!

    I'll need to do a bit of research into it though as I don't know exactly what's involved in swapping them out. Plus the cost of getting one dropped in for me as I wouldn't be able to do it myself.
    Do you have any experience with KLZE's?

    Where can I get a whiteline rear swaybar from? They don't have anything for the MX3 on their website? Upgraded pads and bushings go without saying and is a definite need! lol

  • Nice and clean looking motors you have there, and great photos too!
    If you want the best brake pads for track work look no further than Mintex 1144's

  • UPDATE: I've had to sideline my car for a bit whilst I was moving house and generally being busy at work. Not sure I'll have this car ready for the track this year, so using it as my daily instead. >.<

    I've fitted new rear EBC disc rotors and pads, as the last pair were severally ruined.

    I've also got my stainless steel cat back exhaust system installed too…



    To do shortly:
    Currently waiting on ProbeStore for my Cold Air Induction Kit :( Ordered in December, but still not here.
    New Tyres
    Spark Plugs
    MAF Clean (Will do when induction kit arrives)
    Fuel Treatment

  • Nice parts mate exhaust looks sweet!
    In all honesty it's pretty simple doing your own induction pipe and cone filter set-up. Just a case of finding the right size ports to bolt/epoxy into a pipe.
    (If you put a small breather filter on top of the rocker you only need create two connections to your new air pipe)
    The throttle body and MAF on the 1600 is 2.5" so that's a nice common size to find a few silicon joiners in.


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