Rocker Cover Bolts

  • Just a quickie question….

    I've noticed that the bolts on my rocker cover are chrome, which looks great, but not that practical as they cant be tightened up without the head sheering off. So my question is......
    What bolts have you guys used on your rocker covers?

  • Ive had purple anodized aluminum ones before, currently using stainless plain socket allen caps. Seen dome ones before they look pretty cool.

  • Think I'll opt for the plain but practical stainless steel ones. Got an annoying oil leak from one corner and I blame the current bolts (even with the new gasket)
    So now the hunt for new bolts :)

  • Yeah ive just sorted a rocker cover leak with a gen mazda gasket. did you use any RTV sealent round the cam lobes?

    i just bought the right size bolts instead of a dediacted bolt kit as it works out around half the price!

  • Well thats the problem I have. Having only owned my az3 for about 6 months and also Im not a mechanic (however, I do have a go at doing some of the work like changing the radiator etc)
    I didnt use any sealant as I thought the gasket wouldve been good enough. so ill remove and measure one of the bolts today then ill contact my local nut n bolt store. Having new brake pipes fitted tommoz, I so wanted to do it myself, but being on my todd i have no one to help me bleed the system :( poor lil ol' me

  • There is a guide on youtube i found helpful for the rocker coverl its under MX-5 or Miata but its the same pretty much shows you were to put the sealent.

    you can also buy an eazi-bleed which is a one man bleed system.


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