Question about KL-DE from xedos 9 (Millenia)

  • Hello… sorry for stupid question and bad english :)

    But i need a few info about swap to KL-DE (kl01) from Xedos 9....
    I prepare swap V6 2.5 to my second mx-3 and i need to know how its gonna work...

    So... i have got V6 2.5 fom xedos 9 with all things around engine...
    I searching some info about ECU and VAF ... KL-DE engine is marked KL01 right? .. so i need ECU KL01 and VAF KL02 from MX-6 or 626... 'em I right? ?... THX...

    Xedos 9 has ECU KL68 with 4 connectors but mx3 mx6 626 has 3 connectors to ECU.... So i thing i need ecu KL01 which match with mx-3 ECU cable connectors....

    Last question about distributor... Can i use KL01 (626, MX-6) distributor or distributor from 1.8 MX-3 on xedos engine with mentioned ECU and VAF or can i use original distributor from xedos engine?

    THX so much for answers .. and againg sorry for bad ennglish..... :bowdown:

  • Bad searching similiar topic.. sorry
    KL-DE swap(weird one)

    Please mod or admin … move topic... :/

  • This is a hard one, best place to get a KLDE ecu is the Ford Probe club (UKPOC), all the pre 95 cars use the one you'll need, all years of Probe have the correct VAF.

    Distributor will need to be a TOT57071, or 57072 if you are using one of the above ECUs. These are found on early MX-3, MX-6 and Probe.

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