1.6 to 1.8 four swap

  • i want ot put a 93 portege 1.8 4cyl manual into my 93 mx3 1.6 auto. can anyone enlighten me as to will: motor mounts, axels, intake maniold,ect interchange? i have both cars. the protege is a parts car for a 91 protege which as since been totaled and disposed of. any insite advise or info will be appreciated. i'am not looking for ultimate proformance. but may upgrade the 1.8 if swap is sucsesful. or maybe only swap the trans and inprove the 1.6. any thoughts on 1.6 mods?

  • 1.6 just need to look at mods for the miata or mx-5, turbo kits are cheap or for the 1.6 you need to find a 1.5 autozam engine, they have a B5ZE which is the old 1.5 block with a 1.6 head fitted, then swap out cams etc and inlet manifold is larger too
    The 1.8 is a bored out 1.6, you will find trouble with the manifold as that has larger ports and studs are different so you need to sort that too as well as different mounting points

  • Mx5 turbo kits really are no Good for us ! The manifold will fit but will turning upside down só unless you have weld skills do not buy it as it will include a cheap chinese turbo that will fail eventually . Fit the 323 1800 engine as its a well troden path

  • upside down they clear the front of the hood ;)

    But your down pipe will need a little work. I flipped mine :)


    you will need all the motor mounts and axles to do the swap. it is very straight forward. Is the 1.8 a SOHC or DOHC motor? This does make a bit of a difference. Plus the ECU is plug and play with the 93mx.

  • thanks all great info as i have a complete 93 1.8 sohc 5 speed portege i will consider the refit. i may not be able to fit ( promx3tege) on the license plate. again not looking for 8 sec 1/4 mi times, but 80 some hp is a bit lacking thanks again looking forward to any new info or thoughts

  • clutch and flywheel are different between 1.8 and 1.6. but the 1.8 SOHC may use the same one as the B6 you will have to see when you pull it apart as i do not remember for sure. other than that should be a really straight forward swap, I would swap trans and all. if you wanted more power out of it Turbo would be the way to go. run it on stock boost 5-7psi, that way it wont hurt anything and be really easy to tune.

  • thanks josh. i googled 95 mx3 awd to see what they look like. ( ive had my 93 for 3 months. ineeded a gas saver, an it looked cool, paid $400 dollars for it.but i digress,) and i found your 7 pages, quite impressive, we may have different goals,but that does mean i c'ant enjoy what a fine job you've done . found another mx3 stick shift (beat to death) today told the owner call me when he is done with it. that one may become my hot rod! thanks agian .


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