• Has anyone got any advice for me please, i have noticed a small amount of rust on the underside of each arch as i dont want this to spread what is the best remidy to get rid of the rust?

  • my rear arches have really bad rust.. ive had to rebuild one with filler.. but what i did with the not so bad one was wire brush and sand it down.. then use a rust cure on it.. then primer it and use color match paint and laquor.. if you dont wanna go through that hassle use waxoyl.. think you can use the old oil from your sump during an oil change.. mix it with some waxoyl and paint the underside of the car.

  • Only way to get rid of rust is to either cut it out and re plate it or blast it out and filler/re plate. If you dig it out as best you can and fill and paint over, it will come back.


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