• Me, the missus and baby are off to tour North Wales tomorrow morning until return Saturday. Boot full of pram, pushchair frame, foldup chairs, wind break and suitcase (big boot!). Hoping to take it steady and hopefully get MPG in mid 30's over the 400 miles we will cover, hopefully one tank.

    Should be nice to drive on some nice roads and happy we are going in the MX3 rather than her Saxo. Add in the nice mild weather and it makes for a nice trip. AA card taken, just in case but have no doubt about the cars capability.

    Planning to take in Colwyn Bay, Porthmadog and Angelesy for nights and take the Snowdon summit train and other places of interest.

  • have fun and get sme pics of the car in random places :bigok:

  • Just got back, a great trip covering 475 miles. The car was fantastic, didn't disappoint and swallowed all the kit no problem. It's so nice to drive round there, miles better roads than where I live and the A55 from Conwy to Angelesy is breathtaking with sea views, mountain and tunnel passes. We stayed at Colwyn Bay (a proper dump don't go!) and Porthmadog and Caernarfon.

    I'm also happy with the calculated 36.9 mpg over the 354.4 miles between full fills which were mainly 60-80 gentle cruise and slight bit of 30-40 A roads but hardly any town driving but did open the taps in 3rd and 4th now and then.

    A few pics, the missus didn't understand why I had to take pics of my car!!

  • cool, my missus used to think its odd but she kind of gets it now


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