Coilover question

  • Not familiar with coilovers but had some strange things with my K sports so I guess they need setting up

    since fitting the steering wheel is no longer central and its slightly to the right now for driving straight ahead - how do i sort that ???

    the other is what setting do I need for standard driving day today, I have set them up at 65mm low which seems fine for speedbumps but I have set the camber to central position

    Any advice is greatly received :rimshot:

  • Getting the car tracked should sort your steering wheel out man. Mine was the same, although some unfriendly speed bumps and potholes have knocked it out again! As far as set up goes, I brought it to the WKD Imports drift team, so I can't help ya there!

  • you should always go get tracking done after any suspension component work as matter of course, especially now! Go to pro-tyres or somewhere like that and get 4 wheel laser alingnemt done.

    My camber plates are fully inward as im nearly double as low as you but my wheels still sit pretty straight with no negative camber.

    There is also the matter of pretensioning all the springs properly and of equal distance on each axle. Google how to do that as I dont really have time to explain as I got to catch a plane in an hour.

    if you have wound your pretension right off which sounds like you have this is why it is so soft.

    you should have an adjuster with a long allen key wich sits down in the top of the shock, fully one way is hard fully the other is soft, mine are set in the middlle for daily driving as soft is way too bouncy and hard is just ridiculous unless on a race track.

    and if your feeling really flush get the car corner weighted ;)

  • Thanks fella's will be off to get tracking done this weekend


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