Exhaust Silencer question

  • On the stock exhaust setup, you have the Cat, then a Silencer, then a Back box. Do you need that center silencer for an MOT? I may see if can come out and some normal piping welded in place? Any advice on that front?

  • you don't need the silencer for the mot no

  • nope not needed for MOT but be warned it may become very loud as I have had a single box system with a straight through design backbox before and even with a turbo it was very loud indeed.

  • I have had the same issue - OK it passes the MOT but with 1 straight through silencer it becomes embarracing to put your foot down at all and also too loud to bear inside the car. It can also be quite a harsh sound too.

    I'd recommend puting a straight through mid section silencer in which has almost identical flow as a straight through pipe, but will take the raspy edge off the exhaust note.

    All depends on how well you get on with your neighbours :oops: :imout:


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