Heater blower direction Question.

  • On the electronically selectable blower direction version, the direction blower control motor is on the drivers side of the main box behind the center dash panels.

    However, after the dash swap, everything is in, except the loom that connects to that motor.

    Does anyone know where it comes from? or can take an image?

    All it would need is for you to take the little panel off in the drivers side foot well.

    I've looked at the manual and wiring diagrams however, they don't show much as nothing has the same connector.

  • I've got the electronic slider version and half a missing dash so Im sure I can find your answer. I just need a bit of daylight and sun!. Will try this evening

  • Thanks man, can't find it anywhere lol.

  • the power seems to come from a relay and fuse that looks like its been added to the fusebox.

    There are a load on control plugs going to the heater motor behind the glove box.

    Any other directions ?

  • Can you get an image? I've got the black motor which attaches by control arm to the white box in the middle to control the vents. I'll post an image up tomorrow of what I have bud.

  • Here is what I have bud:

    As you can see, the black control motor attached, but no loom to attach to it to power it.

    Interested to see what you have bud. Thanks for your help!

  • ok i have a plug right on the back of the black box you have shown.

    this is plug then goes into a coupler almost right above the black box.

    the supply to this coupler then does a tight loop and then goes into the white tray which goes back tp the fusebox.

  • Thanks man, at least I know what I'm missing now LOL.


  • Do you have that coupler part or are you missing the loom completely ?

  • Just the coupler part bud.. bastard things ran off while I wasn't looking :(


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