Brake pad replacement

  • After spending 2 hours cursing rusty nuts and ball joints just turning whilst replacing anti roll bar links I hope fitting brake pads are a bit easier. Is there anything to consider when replacing pads front and back on MX3's. I have the usual pad replacement tools, can you wind back the piston as normal (I have a normal wind back tool with the two lugs on)

    Any experiences welcome.

  • Hiya, brakes are standard and the winding tool is standard, you will need a pin kit for the front as the pins cause the pads to seize over time so replace them and loads of copper grease all round

    You may find the sliders are rusting up, so carefully remove them and if any rust emery cloth them off and cover with grease :bigok:

  • ….All 4 corners replaced today, took 3 hours. Got bit stuck with knocking the old pins out but I filed them slightly and put loads of copper grease on all silders and pad mating surfaces when putting back in. All good but I had to revisit the fronts as the little tin sliders on the fronts kept deforming when assembling and were catching in the grooves on my front discs (its got drilled and grooved discs) so left them off and doesnt seem to affect anything.

    Please dont say that i've got to put them back on !


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