KLDE swap from K8 done. need help

  • Hi guys,

    Ive posted this on the MX3 site across the pond. baffled by this one. can anyone help?

    Hi Guys,

    So ive done the swap from K8 to KLDE. I have a few issues.

    1. The fan stays on constant.
    a. I have KLA2 ecu from 94-95 MX6 im using. (to suit similar year engine)
    b. The engine only had one coolant sensor. the loom has two plugs.
    c. i re-tapped for an additional sensor.
    d. has made no difference. fan still stays on. it doesnt come on when ignition is on….only when you start engine.
    e. i have changed sensors. didnt make a difference
    f. i have checked tps. didnt make a difference.

    2. The car is a bit jittery.
    a. i am using KL02 MAF/VAF
    b. sometimes it backfires

    Any help would be really appreciated guys.

    Thanks in advance

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