Removing Rear Subframe from V6

  • I'm going to convert the rear drums on the AZ3 to discs, so easiest thing to do is get the rear subframe from a V6. I found one, but its attached to a car and the guy said I can have it for 60euro if I take it off myself.

    So, first thing - does anyone on here have one? I'd rather buy from the club to be honest.

    Failing that - how does one remove the rear subframe? Tools needed and such. I'm stuck away from my one for the week, so I can't have an old peak around it at the minute.

    Cheers for any help lads!

  • I don't think it has ever come up on this board mate.
    The only options I would suggest is A. Ask marco as I may have removed it for his awd enabling works
    B) tap up the club323f guys as its a common upgrade for the non v6 guys as they use the mx3 rear as its 4 stud. ( 323 v6 is 5 stud )

  • Thanks Garfy - found a thread over on .com that seems to cover it. I'll post up the link later, in case anyone is interested :bigok:

  • It can be a pain if the bolts are too tight or rusted. It is only 4 bolts in the subframe to the chassis i think 17mm, both trailing arms, strut mounts, and brake lines with e brake cables. should take about 30 min to an hour depending on how the car is sitting. It may be easier to just grab the hubs and rear tie bar though. the rear disc hubs will bolt up to the rear drum subframe.

    sounds like a good deal

  • The guy said he'll lift it up with a forklift so should be able to get a good run at it. I'm just waiting to get pics, if its not rusty I'll be taking it. Just have to remember to bring lots of wd40 :mrgreen:


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