Cleaning IAC Valve

  • I took the AZ3 for a bit of a spin today. When I bought it, it did have some idling issues with the revs dropping to nothing and almost cutting out when the clutch was depressed at low speeds. The problem has definitely gotten worse as the car cut out a couple of times, coming to a stop at a roundabout and reversing in at a petrol station.

    It seems pretty symptomatic of a clogged up IAC valve, so I'm going to try tackle that tomorrow and give it a clean. Now, I usually leave engine stuff to a mechanic buddy of mine, but the job seems small and sure I might as well give it a go. So, I'm just looking for any tips and tricks for this on a 4-banger. I found a generic guide, and it looks simple.


  • if you have an air compressor with a blow nozzle that would work to blow it out or a can of carb cleaner should do the trick. I usually use carb cleaner for just about everything :)

  • No air leaks in the inlet tract are there? Cracks in the rubber inlet hose between the air flow meter and the throttle body?

  • I've not had a chance to get a proper look at it since I posted this up, between getting a bumper ready for shipping, work, and my brother taking a lend of the AZ3.

  • Mine has the same problem and it seems even worse atm. Where abouts is this IAC valve?

  • Should be on the underside of the throttle body. That's on the 1.5 anyway!

  • not really sure what I'm looking for either. Assume I've never heard of an IAC valve and go from there. Lol

  • I never actually ended up cleaning it because I'm not using the AZ3 at the minute. Google that mofo :mrgreen:


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