Rebuild the K8 engine . . .

  • Hi,

    i want to optimize the K8 engine.Up to now,i have install a K8-ZE ECU.
    My plan:
    I thought install the KL-DE or KL-ZE cams . . . and a Fidanza flywheel with stage1 clutch and with oem clutch disc.
    And aluminium V-belt pulley and KL throttle . . .
    And enlarged the intake port and exhaust port from cylinder head.

    Now my question:

    The modification are not too aggressive for the K8?I wanted to keep the engine for long time . . . :lol:

    And sorry for my very good englisch . . . :lol:

  • I took a look at the cam specs for K8, KLDE, and KLZE cams. The DE cams have more lift, duration and overlap, even more for the ZE. Cam journal diameters are the same, and HLAs should all fit. The K8 produces 77bhp/liter, at 6800 with the milder cams. The K8 is already weak at low revs. More duration and overlap are going to raise the peak torque and rpm even higher, probably at the expense of even more low end torque.

    If you want more power, consider spending a few hundred pounds on a good KLDE, put a K8 flywheel on it, a good clutch and a cat-back exhaust on it and have 40 more bhp at a usable rpm. Don't forget a DE ECU and VAF. I personally think this is the most bang for your money.

  • I would go DE then you can bang a turbo on later, otherwise K8 mods is getting a K8-ze, they are standard in the Jspec models and get a full set of stainless headers made as the manfolds restrict the K8 enormously :mrgreen:


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