Possible breaking project car for funds

  • hi all im had a lot of bad luck recantly witch has left me realy realy low on cash and resulting that owing a couple of members a good amount of money so this is my last resuilt to get the money
    this is just finding out if anybody is interested and if a can sell as little as possible to cover the cost this is not realy what i want to do but i think its a must
    so heres a list

    s/h omp fibreglass rece seats with subframes
    new fidanza flywheel
    stock strut brace x2
    black rear bumper
    black rear spoiler
    lsd diff
    5 spoke stock wheels need tyres
    rap around spoiler needs a bit work
    red omp steering wheel
    m62 supercharger (realy realy dont wanna sell it but will for the right price)
    few differant mirrors
    airflow sensers

    and nothing to do with mx3
    also a scale rc monster truch 1 of 30 all carbon fibre and ally

    ive had people mess me around ind the past an i dont want to do the same to someone else
    so if you interested in anything just send me a pm with you offer and ill get back to you

    if i do end up selling a load of parts it will all go up for sale and going to give up on the project :(

    thanks for your time

  • That's such bad news mate, especially for you who does put a hell of a lot of effort into making their project come together.

  • lol it has too 2 year to get this far but one of those years was trying to get my engine derlivered
    i would like to finish it for how much ive spent on it so far

  • Well if I can do anything to help then let me know, I cant buy any parts though as I'm skint at the mo

  • lol thanks :cheers:

  • Heya Jay, interested in the fidanza flywheel if you do sell any of it


  • ok ill get back to you

  • It's the 2nd best mod in my books for the klze the fidenza flywheel.

    Hope you get the project back on track soon jay. know how you feel!.

  • if marco doesnt want the flywheel ill take it


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