AaronTietje's Mx-3 Se.

  • Here's my Mx-3.


    2.5 engine swap with colt NA grind cams, G4 intake and valve covers.

    Transmission: 5spd, LSD, corksport shift link and 3rd link bronzoil bushings, Short shifter (noname) Greddy weighted shiftknob.

    Exhaust: stainless headers, test pipe, pasesetter catback.

    Body: Full length JDM skirts, Modded wraparround spoiler, shaved antenna and hatch lock, reskinned roof (was a moonroof before) OEM carbon hood, MS corksport bumper, clear cornere (there special over here lol) halo headlights with HIDs.

    Suspension: D2 soilovers, SRD front bushings, ELM joint sway bar links, 1st gen probe 1992 hub/spindles on the front only.

    Rims: 16X8 VARRSTOEN T1's 4x100 in the rear with an et of 15 and 5x114.3 in the front with an et of 25.

    Brakes: 12 in hatted rotors with 4 piston fixed Us Brake calipers.

    Interior: Sparco corsa's (molded bucket), Autopower race rolebar, custom headliner and dome lights, planted brackets, sparco sidemount brackets, bubble dash swap from a 94.

    There's a bunch to do including a respray but I hope to drive it by summers end 2012.

    **2013 stats:
    The engine has now been swapped to a BP and fitted with a ford Tbird turbo.
    GTX manifolds
    Evo injectors
    AEM piggyback
    Doubble Pass radiator
    Custom intercooler setup
    I'm running the G-series transmission
    about 12 lbs boost.


  • Think we are overdue some updates Bro ;)

  • Nice spec, can we have more pictures ?

    … 1st gen probe 1992 hub/spindles on the front only....

    Is it easy to do that ?

  • Here's a little video of the mx-3's first time out of the garage in over 2 years.
    The probe hub swap is a direct swap except where it bolts to the strut must be machined down.

  • It's been a wile and quite a bit has happened.

    The mx-3 is no longer a v6 but rather a BP turbo now. I will get some pics op as soon as I can. 8)

  • C'mon Brah dont keep us in suspenders! Get those images up, Havent seen daylight full car shots yet either have we?!

  • It's been a wile but good weather is on its way to NY state and she will be getting out of the garage soon.

    Major updates:

    SOLD JDM full length skirts and have fabricated my own custom skirts.

    RIPPED OUT THE KLDE and installed a BP turbo running about 12psi.

    At the moment I am working on my intercooler/radiator setup and plumbing.

  • They do look good, although I would of omitted the mudguards :)

  • @fb5a84a085=youdirtyfox:

    They do look good, although I would of omitted the mudguards :)

    That would have actually made the project much easyer. I just finally got the passanger side mocked up so that I can now get a good profile shot. I like it so much better than the JDM full length's.

  • I'm getting close….....

    The little helper is getting bigger. :D

  • Looking good :D

  • Big change. I'm selling the car and most of my parts.

    I will update with the new addition when I get it. :mrgreen:

  • Well, it was parted out and the shell now belongs to my brother, but it all ok because I now have a nice new 1994.

    Here's a farewell pic to the orange and a welcome pic to the new ride.

    Many of my parts have made their way over to the white car and I have also been working on a number of thing this winter…. More updates soon.

  • looking good#

  • agree. Performance parts with external "clean look" is way more classy.Nice


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