V6 Turbo Kits

  • Although my plan is to try get as much power out of the k8ze without a turbo, I've found myself spending most of my time researching turbo set ups online.

    Initially, I wanted to stay away from turbo kits and assemble the set up out of quality parts. I figured it would be fun to hunt down turbos, intercoolers etc. But this could end up being seriously frustrating resulting in a half finished project or mean alot of custom work, which then equals megabucks.

    So, what about the V6 Turbo kits on eBay? This one in particular -

    It's for a KLZE, but I'd imagine it would bolt up with a small bit of work. Has anyone used a KL turbo kit on a K8?

    My main worry is quality. While this kit should make things easier in the short term, there's always the possibility of the materials being junk and the turbo shitting itself. But then, on the other hand, at least I'd have the full system design, so getting custom work done might work out cheaper.

    Worth taking the chance?

  • they have used a lot in the states, I would ask on MX3.com first to see what experiences they have had with them but I expect most of the accessories with it are just like the stuff you buy here, mass produced in china and that quality, just america is a bit easier on the tax

    Will you have to pay import duties on that Jay as here that would be about £150 extra to pay

  • Yeah, it would be really handy for all the fittings etc. If I can get them to mark it as a gift then no import tax lol.

  • Does get discussed alot on .com


    Erm where do I start…I know for certain those hose clips are utter pants!
    so just for that reason you shouldn't buy it ;)

  • So, some people say its shit and some people say its great. Shouldn't have expected anything else!

  • I'd just get the hot pipes and source the rest yourself. Expect to have to weld a bit. If you get stuck come up and see me :) you'll get mixed reviews on those kits. Get a decent turbo though. That was the one thing that let mine down. Bovs are cheap enough second hand. Better with a decent second hand wastegate than a knock off IMO. It'll all fit k8 equally well to having a KL in there.

  • Marco, if I gather the bits and pieces ya wanna fit it for me for some £££? :bigok: In fairness, I've neither the time, tools or know-how to do it myself, so I'll be paying someone to do it for me, so it might as well be the islands K-series expert :respect:

  • A KLZE is a bad engine to turbo, a KLDE is much more suited.

    I know a few people with turbo kits, they make great power, but if you want to use the car as a daily driver I'd probably forget the idea, fine for a weekend fun car though.

  • It would definitely be for a weekend car, I'm rockin' a Corsa B for the daily commute :imout:


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