Whats the crack with this

  • Looks like yet another version of the old ebay favourite, the resistor connected across the air intake. There looks like a Rover 400 owner on there claiming to have seen 34BHP increase from this. There are a lot of turbo companies who wouldn't mind claiming that sort of increase on an otherwise unmodified car. Come to that, there's probably not a car maker on the planet who would say no to that sort of power for £4.99. Which is probably why you should, in fact, say no.

  • thanks for the advice.
    do you know of any company that does "real" chips of ecu performance tuning

  • all it does it throw more petrol into the engine, basically making the car run rich and crap.

    Stay away mate :)

  • It throws in more fuel which doesn't burn properly which in turn causes the CAT to fail.

    You only need to mess with your fueling if you have added mods beyond the learning capabilities of your ECU.

    ECU's can learn over time and adapt to small mods, but make any big mods like Aggressive Cams or a Turbo and you will need to alter the fueling.

    In some cases a chip can be uses, or ECU upgrade or the best way is to go for a standalone ECU.

    A great book that explains all this kind of stuff is:

    Its only £10 !!!

  • was that link a hint. lol.

    just a little slow with the mx3 at mo as so new.

    however if it was the 100nx then thats all fine but its a poor trade off to the mx3

  • No I was dead serious, Its a great book for anyone who wants to Mod cars.

    It explains everything you can do to a car from ecu re-flashing, ecu chip swaps, the different piggy back chips you can get how and when to use them properly, stand alone ecu choice. And Loads more…

    Its a great book, don't knock it. I always keep my copy handy for reference.

    If your into modding cars and want to know what different options there are for getting more power or better handling then I would get this book.
    (it does not cover aesthetics much, as thats subjective)

    It gives you the facts of it all not just peoples opinions and not sales people selling you stuff you dont need and thats invaluable.

  • Seconding this. I've got the PDF file of it kicking around somewhere and it's not a bad read. Lots of handy tips.


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