An exciting tale of repairing JDM sideskirts!

  • Did I say exciting?

    These were on my scrap eunos, naturally even these originally plastic items has rust on them :lol:

    You can see the end piece is the wrong shape, has chunks of steel riveted to the remains of the skirt. Brilliant workmanship. The piece weighed about 10 times what the other side did, these guys must have seriously been on crack.

    Step 1 was find out what was real. I was very careful, dremmelling out rivets, preserving as much original material as possible:

    Step 2 use the others side to clone the actual shape of the end with FG. Notice the completely different shape to the bodge job:

    Step 3 use the others side to clone sections of the main body with FG. I then used aluminium (that alternative lightweight non rusting metal) mesh to connect the two and work on the angles:

    Step 4 I offered the piece up to the body to work on angles. Wedged tight, then FGd the curvature to set it in place correctly:

    Step 5 I then worked on bonding it to the remaining original plastic section:

    Step 6 Further shaping using guide coats and more FG. I was reluctant to use body filler until absolutely necessary:

    Getting there:

    Step 7:
    More sanding and very light skim of filler:

    And finally with a test coat. Just have to refine a few edges and it will be done. A fraction the weight, much better fitment and just more 'right' :)

  • Such care! Nice work on helping out to prolong an endangered species 8)

  • Nice work bud.. endangered they are these days.

  • That poor Presso :(

    Good work Marco, looks like a lot of effort but I'm sure it's worth it for such rare skirts.

  • Top crafting! defo worth it :D

  • Nice Work!! I have to do this with mine, I have been putting it off. you may have just motivated me to do so ;)

  • I tried reading your coursework notes marco and got brain freeze!.
    You have some skills marco, you should get a z cars apprentiship!.

  • I HATE RUST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :evil: :evil:

  • Spot on work. I need to do some work to my front cap as well…...Mine's just cracked tho.


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