Power steering failure

  • Put on a nice new and shiny power steering cooler on the ZE yesterday, started it all up and the fluid level dropped as expected and then retopped up to the full mark and now nothing.
    Power steering is dead, I have had the pipes off at the top and checked and the pump is working as its pushed all the oil into the header now where we drew air in from the cooling side.

    Think this is a huge airlock somewhere as the oil isnt circulating but the pump is working, the cooler isnt blocked otherwise it would not have forced the oil into the header.

    Theres 2 of us now scratching our heads as to what to do now

    Anyone else had this ????

  • There must be an airlock in the cooler, I cant think of another reason why it cant be working right.

  • Don't you have to bleed the system by going lock to lock a couple of times ?

  • I have done lock to lock and driven it 30 miles with no success. taken pipes apart again and nothing. we ran it up with top pipe off and it sucked in more air and filled the header bottle to the lid.
    Its going to a garage it must be locked into the steering rack :x


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